Home Theatre


Illusion – Movies, at your local theater or at home, are all about losing yourself in the story and world the film makers have created onscreen. Incredible technology and skill is invested into seamlessly transporting you away and a great home theater should utilize these assets to turn your home into Manhattan, the Sahara Desert, or Don Corleone’s office.

Integration – Given the range and complexity of technologies used by today’s movie industry to weave their spell, it’s surprising we don’t need a PhD to watch a movie. Current products definitely help simplify things but, combined and set up correctly, they should really be an invisible part of the experience.

Aesthetics – Whether it’s the lighting of the room or the user interface allowing you to hit ‘play’, everything should be geared to enhancing the movie experience rather than creating barriers to enjoyment. To succeed your theater should be inviting, easy to use and a place where you can really share some special time with family and friends.


Selection – The industry is constantly developing new technologies in pursuit of a better customer experience and we are constantly learning about, assessing and installing them. We want to give you the state of the art, rather than the ‘bleeding edge’.

System Building – In a home theater, total integration is everything. The best projector in the world is of little value if placed incorrectly or used without suitable lighting management. Multichannel sound systems need to be placed and calibrated correctly, ideally in a room that is acoustically treated to accommodate multiple speakers.

Upgrade Paths – With so many elements combining to create the total movie experience and the pace of technological advances, it’s likely you will want to upgrade something during the life of your theater and it’s a fair bet it won’t be as simple as swapping out one box for another. We can help not only with product sales and installation but also with consultancy on how to enhance your system with the latest features while retaining the integrity of it’s original design.


Immersion – In a great theater, there is no room or equipment – just the story and the world the movie makers have created. A theater isolates you from the distractions of the rest of the world and gives you a chance to fully focus on the entertainment.

Sharing – For many, the greatest joy of movies is sharing them with the rest of the audience. With your own theater, you can share great movies, concerts or sports events with friends and families anytime and, with ticket prices spiraling, you can do it as often as you want.

Convenience – Imagine a movie theater with no lines, no inconvenient start times, no parking worries and where you can even pause, rewind or even change the movie at will.