Security Systems


Safety - Home security is a top priority for many Canadians today.

The statistics are startling and frightening. Unfortunately, burglaries and home invasions have become a common occurrence throughout North America. While some areas are consistently at higher risk, it is impossible to predict where and when a property crime will occur.

The first line of defense in keeping a home safe and secure is an alarm system.

With the constant advance of new technologies, alarm systems can be customized to meet almost every need and purpose. Systems are also now more accessible than ever before. By working with a In Tune Systems, you can be sure to find an effective alarm system that meets your requirements and budget.

Accessibility - Security systems now offer control remotely which include arm/disarm, zone bypass, zone status, and system log access.

Notification - With today’s most advanced security systems, the security panel can send notifications via text and email directly to your smartphone or tablet. The text/email notifications teamed up with alarm monitoring from a central station ensures that you are protected 24/7 365 days of the year. Our security systems can also monitor for fire, flooding, medical emergencies, gas leaks and extreme temperature changes just to name a few.


Analysis - An In Tune Systems’ certified security systems designer will inspect the site, design a system and advise you of any security risks and/or options to ensure the site is best secured against Burglary, Fire, Flood and personal injury.

Installation - An In Tune Systems’ certified security systems installation team will install the system to Canadian Security Regulations (False Alarm Reduction Program). The Security technician will test all security zones with the monitoring station to ensure the system is working properly and reporting to the monitoring station.

Customer Service - With the many ways of monitoring your system, the monitoring station will contact the site official and Installation company if there are any troubles with the system such as a low battery or faulty zone. At this time the monitoring station will send a service work order to In Tune Systems and the our technicians will execute the service call ASAP.

Reliability – Here the goal is simple: every system, device, and user interface must work all the time and every time.


Motive - Electronic alarm systems are used to detect intruders and protect you, your family, and your property. They are also proven deterrents for break-ins:

Premises with security systems are four times less likely to be burglarized than those that aren’t.

When an alarmed premise is burglarized, property losses are dramatically lower, mainly because intruders know they have less time to spend inside the home.

According to the Electronic Security Association, “In a [U.S.] industry survey of 1,000 public safety officials, 85 per cent of police chiefs said security systems decrease the likelihood a home will be burglarized, and almost 90 per cent felt security systems increased their chances of apprehending burglars.”

Edge - Today’s alarms do much more than just protect your home against break and enters. They can also be integrated with a number of life safety devices, such as smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and medical alert alarms to help protect your loved ones and provide increased peace of mind.

Perks - Once an alarm system in installed and tested In Tune Systems will provide you with an alarm certificate which can be used to receive a deduction on your home/business insurance.