Smart Lighting


Control – Whether it’s directing the lighting for a whole home from any location, being able to select from a range of ambient ‘scenes’ for a particular room or monitoring and managing your energy use, control is important to all our customers.

Aesthetics – Adjusting light levels and sources can easily turn a family room into a movie theater, a dining space into a dance floor or simply ensure your living room is the perfect retreat after a long sunny day.

Integration – The lowly dimmer switch no longer really ‘cuts it’ in the 21st century. Today’s system should know when you’ll be home and what to do before you arrive. It understands the movement of the sun and seasons to ensure you have enough natural light but rooms don’t resemble ovens or refrigerators. It talks to security and home entertainment systems so that it knows when you’re away or in the mood for a movie. Of course you can still have dimmer switches too!


Product Selection – As this area intersects the interests of so many trades – interior design, electrical contractors, home automation programmers – as well as the client themselves, it’s vital to have components that are both trusted and wide ranging. We work hard to find offerings that guarantee performance without sacrificing aesthetic appeal, so you have switches that work and look great or shades that respond quickly but silently.

System Building – Lighting and shades rarely stands alone as a system in homes and even when it does it’s not a simple one. Understanding the different uses for spaces within the home, how they vary based on time of day or year is only the first layer of complexity. How customers and other systems want to interact with it now and in the future means the a deep understanding of the ‘big picture’ for a home and client is essential to a successful project.


Comfort – This can range from ‘mood lighting’ in a multipurpose room right through to managing daylight in a room for temperature control or privacy. Transform your bathroom into a calming spa or that dark den into an ergonomic home office. We can also allow you to switch off all internal lights from your bedside or save you those ‘did I turn off ’ moments after you’ve set off for work.

Savings – Bringing electrical and natural lighting under central control is an easy way to manage your environmental impact and energy bills, but did you know automated shades can save your delicate floors and furnishings from sun damage?

Security – A lighting system can do much more than illuminate potential intruders. Our systems can record your usage for a week or two and then play it back when you away on vacation, ensuring a totally realistic impression of occupancy. Time sensitive scenes can prevent accidents by lighting your driveway in winter evenings or providing a dimly lit path to the bathroom when the rest of the house is asleep