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Home Theatre

Illusion – Movies, at your local theater or at home, are all about losing yourself in the story and world the film makers have created onscreen.

Integration – Given the range and complexity of technologies used by today’s movie industry to weave their spell, it’s surprising we don’t need a PhD to watch a movie.

Aesthetics – Whether it’s the lighting of the room or the user interface allowing you to hit ‘play’, everything should be geared to enhancing the movie experience rather than creating barriers to enjoyment.

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Multi-Room Audio/Video

Performance – We select the best speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, source equipment, and switchers to deliver the most enjoyable sound quality for any budget.

Accessibility – Whether from in an in-wall touch-panel, iPad or Smart phone we want to provide the simplest and quickest way to select the desired musical content and quickly begin playing in any room.

Transparency – The objective is to hear the music – not see it.

Reliability – With every system reliability is a consistent goal – everything must work, all the time – every time.

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Security Systems

Home security is a top priority for many Canadians today.

The statistics are startling and frightening. Unfortunately, burglaries and home invasions have become a common occurrence throughout North America. While some areas are consistently at higher risk, it is impossible to predict where and when a property crime will occur.

The first line of defense in keeping a home safe and secure is an alarm system.

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CCTV Systems

Ubiquity – Surveillance cameras should be viewable on any and all devices including: TV displays, in-wall touch-panels, iPads, smartphones, and personal computers.

Simplification – Most surveillance camera systems are designed to be used by a security monitoring professional.

Total Coverage – Cameras must be strategically placed to cover an entire property, including all entry and exit points to the building.

Accessibility – Surveillance cameras should be able to be accessed by networked devices within the location, or anywhere else in the world with a network connection.

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Smart Lighting

Control – Whether it’s directing the lighting for a whole home from any location, being able to select from a range of ambient ‘scenes’ for a particular room or monitoring and managing your energy use, control is important to all our customers.

Aesthetics – Adjusting light levels and sources can easily turn a family room into a movie theater, a dining space into a dance floor or simply ensure your living room is the perfect retreat after a long sunny day.

Integration – The lowly dimmer switch no longer really ‘cuts it’ in the 21st century. Today’s system should know when you’ll be home and what to do before you arrive.

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Home Automation

Consolidation – Sub-systems (Security, Surveillance, Lighting, Entertainment, Heating/Air-Conditioning, Irrigation etc.) are all controlled through the same interface: Smartphone, Tablet, Touch-panel or Remote.

Standardization – With each sub-system designed and built by a different manufacturer, the end-user is left with a scattered and inconsistent array of user-interfaces.

Simplification – In an attempt to include every potential functionality, most stand-alone sub-systems are made overly confusing and difficult to use mixing buttons and features that are only necessary for the initial installation.

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Central Vac Systems

Less Noise – Cleaning your home or workspace with a central vacuum system can be a life-changing experience. Loud, life-depleting noise is no longer a part of vacuuming.

Ease of Use & Versatility – Homeowners will appreciate the ease and versatility a central vacuum provides, because no other vacuuming system lets you clean every nook and cranny of the house, including the garage, so fast and effectively!

Power & Deep Cleaning – Central vacuum units have powerful motors that are up to ten times stronger than regular uprights or hand-helds.

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