My, not so brief, review ...

Crescendo, is my  Dream Home come true :  a Dream Home that I began to conceptualize when I was only 5 years old.  By age 13, I had become an audiophile.  My 10 x 10 bedroom boasted a Dual 1219B turntable, a Teac Reel-to-Reel, a Marantz amp, and Altec Lansing Voice of Theatre speakers (Horn & 15 woofer) on either side of my bed.  Oh yeah, the room also housed my Hammond B-3 organ & Leslie speaker (I'm practically carbon-dating myself, I know).  Needless-to-say, then, when I was ready to break ground on Crescendo, I had thoroughly vetted the company to which I'd award Crescendo's Sound, Security, and Automation contract.  That company?  InTune Sound & Security.  Why?  Well, read on

Passing my vetting process was no small matter:  especially since, from its inception, Crescendo was to be a fully-automated home. I needed a company that was willing

- to hear what I wanted,
- to understand what I needed,
- to help me to realistically balance my wants with my needs,
- to direct me to equipment choices, and
- to help me to understand the possible consequences to me (positive and negative) of each of those equipment choices.

InTune fit that bill.

Speaking of equipment choices, in that, InTune exceeded my expectations.  I wasn't presented with a product line based upon their profit margin, and my equipment choices were not limited to their stock on hand.  Hell, I wasn't even limited to equipment manufacturers for whom InTune had already become a Vendor.  Ultimately, for example, I chose an automation manufacturer for which InTune had no active relationship.   InTune, though, promptly filed the necessary paperwork and signed up for their mandatory pre-approval training .  For Crescendo's primary automation control (Vantage Controls), in fact, Dealership approval meant that Andy and Amanda had to attend a five- to seven-day workshop series in California.

Before finalizing with any company, though, I had to be certain my contact person could communicate effectively, efficiently, and quickly.  Response time and response quality were key for me, as I live in San Diego (California) but the vacation home I was building was on a Ski Resort in British Columbia (Big White, just outside Kelowna).  Worse, I have little tolerance for inefficiency.  I won't waste my time trying to hunt someone down.  I expect phone calls (and especially emails or texts) to be returned within a reasonable timeframe.  My definition of  reasonable timeframe , too, is rather short.  Well, maybe, very short.  Ok, extremely short, and yes, I can be a pain in the ass.  Not surprisingly, then, few professionals could meet my criteria:  especially in Kelowna, which is certainly not a Metropolis teaming with multiple professionals tripping over themselves vying for one's business.  Fortunately for me, then, InTune was unphased by my unique needs.

I don't even want to think about, let alone write about, just how much service-oriented professionals can whine about having to drive to Big White.  Not only do many put service calls to Big White on the back-burner, but when they do grace Big White with their presence, they tack on an extra charge for their inconvenience.  I can accept one or the other, but not both.  That is, I'm willing to pay big bucks for good service, but I'm not willing to pay a premium price for an economy seat.  Suffice-it-to-say, upcharges are not a part of InTune's approach. 

Speaking of price, the quote I received from InTune was not the lowest.  Conversely, it was also not the highest.  Amazingly, though, they held to their quote throughout the entire build, which was no small feat, as from Building Permit to Occupancy Permit took six loooooong years.  Remember, too, Crescendo is a fully automated SmartHome, so we're talking about electronics and technology.  Think in terms of dog years , too, when pondering the longevity/utility of electronics.  During the six-year build, technology was a rapidly moving target.  As such, much of the equipment we had initially spec'd, was not the equipment we ended up with on opening day.

More than ten years have passed since opening day.  After experiencing Andy's work, his work ethic, and his availability to service Crescendo whenever the need has arisen, it's been obvious to me that I made the right choice with InTune (if only my stock picks were made half as judiciously).  Regarding the latter (InTune, not my stock portfolio), Crescendo rents for up to $4k/per night, so when a system goes down (more like, when a guest mucks things up) it needs to be brought back online rather quickly, else I'm giving bucks back to guests.  When I've needed to get hold of Andy right away, he has  always  made himself available.  I've never had to compensate a guest for any of our systems being inoperable during their stay.

What more can I say?  Oh, I know.  Really, this last point should actually be first.  Simply stated, Andy and his wife, Amanda, are just really great people.  They are genuine, warm, very fun to work with, and extremely honorable.  That they bring those attributes to their company and to the way they conduct their daily business, then, is not at all surprising.  Go with InTune.  You won't be disappointed.

- Dr. Mitch Perlman, Crescendo's owner

IN TUNE is precisely what they are, to your needs and industry options that best match your requirements. 

They took the time to understand our unique individual needs and technical abilities for both my home or commercial installations.   Ensuring we received the latest in home automation, network security, Sonos sound system, Speakers, CCTV video surveillance monitoring, lighting & security systems that exceeded our expectations with extremely easy adaptation and next to zero maintenance.    

Over the years we have found them to be extremely responsive to any questions or technical support. 

We would absolutely recommend you choose INTUNE for your next home or business project.

- J. Charney